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Anti Virus

We offer anti-virus scanning and protection on email mail boxes on your domain names. We still encourage you to have anti virus protection on your PC’s but now we can offer you another level to catch those nasties before they get to your PC.

Why we use Kaspersky ™ ?
It is considered the worlds best anti virus engines and has received a number of awards and certificates from many IT magazines and research establishments from all over the world.
Everyday, we automatically receive anti-virus database updates for Kaspersky ™ Anti-Virus, this ensures that you will be protected even from new viruses.
It uses a unique breakthrough technique in which it will protect you from even unknown viruses.

Note: While this anti-virus system is designed and maintained to catch known and detectable viruses carried within email attachments, Strobe Net does not guarantee that all email viruses will be detected and/or removed. It is highly recommended that anti-virus scanning software be used on each pc as well to provide added protection.

If you are looking for a quality anti-virus application for your home PC - why not check out AVG Antivirus.


Anti Spam

We have also set up Anti-spam facilities to help block out the less ethical marketers out there. Any suspicious mail will be marked as SPAM but the original email will be available as an attachment to the spam message. Our anti spam filters are strict and in this way you can still read and retrieve any messages that were marked as spam unintentionally.

To help us protect you from unsolicited mail please fill out our Spam Report for any mail you believe should be treated as spam. Nearly everyday we fine tune our spam filters to keep them up to date:

Please fill out this form if you are receiving unsolicited mail from a company:

Your Name:

Company Name:

Email Address of Spammer:

All information submitted will remain confidential. Please refer to our 'Privacy Statement' for more details.


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