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Strobe Net Limited is a web design and hosting company specialising in Uniting Strategy, Vision and Value
Domain Name Management

Strobe Net is a .NZ Provider which allows us to manage your domain name requirements and you can be assured of professional and prompt service. Strobe Net can also register domain names for other countries, such as .com, .net,, etc. Domain names start from $50.00 + GST annually.

A domain name is a unique name used to make it easy to find web sites on the Internet. Each domain name gets seamlessly translated into an Internet Protocol (IP) address which is the real location of your web site. It can be compared to street addresses and council lot numbers.

Domain Name Search

To check if the domain name you would like is still available, enter the name, select the domain and click Check >>.

www. (Domain Name) (Desired extension)




How to Select a Good Domain Name

The best domain names are ones that are easy for your customers to remember and spell that truely represent your business.

When selecting a domain name think of the following and start drafting a list

  • Business Name
  • Brand Names the business owns
  • Product Names that your business may sell

Once you have a list, use the tool above to see if that name is available and if they are which one best represents your business.

Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind

  • Don't use a domain name that will infringe someones elses trademark or copywrite
  • Try to use a name that is keyword rich that the search engines will like i.e. If I sell Widgets then a keyword rich domain name would be or Search engines will give extra relevance to a site where the domain name clearly represents the content and topic of the site.
  • Don't use some obscure name that no one will remember
  • If you use an Acronym make sure that you use the acronym on all of your marketing material so that there is a clear relationship
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